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Anchovies from l'Escala

cod fritters

Catalan cheese board

Longaniza from Camprodon

Ham croquette

Bread rubbed with tomato

Russian salad

Raw salt cod with black olives and tomato

Peasant’s bread with roast vegetables and smoked sardines

Steamed mussels with cava and thyme

Salad of seasonal tomatoes, spring onion and olives

Stewed cod

Calamari with candied artichoke

Catalan style chicken


meat cannelloni

Spinach cannelloni

Meatballs with squid

Saucy omelette

Cap i pota with chikpeas and tripe

Monkfish casserole

Civet of wild boar

Homemade crème caramel

Bread with oil, chocolate and salt

Crema catalana

“Recuit de drap” from l’Empordà

Nuts with sweet wine

Ratafia ice-cream

Swiss roll

Flora and David
Gin, elderflower liqueur, apple, grape, basil, lemon and sugar.

Pere Gimferrer
Gin, Montserrat aroma, currant liqueur, black cherry liqueur, tangerine and lemon.

Lluis Permanyer
Gin, homemade lemon ice cream, soy milk and cava.

Pepe Rubianes
Mushroom brandy, homemade ginger beer, fig and lemon jam.

Joan Capri
Infused with cucumber, homemade ginger beer, lemon, rosemary honey and sugar.

the confectionery
Brandy Torres, Melody liqueur with Catalan cream, coffee and egg white.

Tirant Lo Blanc
White rice cream from the Ebro Delta, white rum, fonoll, anise from Mono, barley and egg white.

Bernie Dedeu Dreams Of Ateneu
Brandy, milk, black wine, lemon, sugar and egg white.

Joan of Sagarra
Whiskey, honey, Angostura bitters, tangerine and sugar.

Dry Ratafia
Gin, walnut bitters and Ratafia.

Mary Sanpere
Brandy Torres 15, medicinal flowers and house bitters.

Josep Plan
Gin infused with artichoke, artichoke liqueur, Montserrat Blanc vermouth, grapefruit and tonic.

Absinthe from Girona, coffee liqueur from Girona, Ratafia, honey and lemon syrup.

Montserrat Roig
Rice vermouth, white wine and gin.